Review of Zippies Collectible I.D. Tags

This post was written for Family Review Network & Zippies who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.

Zippies are I.D. tags that you can write on and let your kids put them on all of their treasures, hang from the zipper on their jacket or backpack, use as a keychain, and even collect and trade with friends.

Series 1 has 10 collectible Zippies tags and include: Tazmo, Chip, Faina, Kayla, Bruno, Paco, Flops, Edge, Wally, and Ranger.

Bright colors are used to design the faces on the Zippies tags. Some of the faces used are animals like a walrus, frog, tiger, bunny, or dog.


The Zippies I.D. tags are made from a flexible, heavy-duty rubber. They are quite sturdy and because the plastic is flexible they won’t crack or break.

On the end of each tag is a hook so you can remove the adjustable handle if you want. The handle is designed so you can put it over the neck or a bottle and then push the button and draw it up so it won’t fall off.

Kids will love the Zippies I.D. tags I think because they are colorful, fun to collect and trade. Parents will like the fact that they can put their child’s name on the back.

One note though, if you use a Sharpie as they show on the site, to put your child’s name on the back of the Zippies I.D. tag it will not rub off because a Sharpie is a permanent marker. If you think you will want other children to use the tag or your child will want to trade it with their friends you might want to put a piece of tape on the back and write on that instead of actually writing on the I.D. tag.

If your child decides they want to collect and trade Zippies I.D. tags they will want to join the Zippies Club to earn points for prizes and get a newsletter to stay updated about new Zippies coming out.

I thought these Zippies I.D. tags were great fun. I loved how colorful they were and how they could be used for an I.D. tag or something kids would love to collect and trade.

Each Zippies I.D. tag costs $4.98 and the whole set of 10 goes for $39.95. Right now it appears you can only purchase them online at

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  • colorful and fun
  • lots of great face designs to choose from
  • nice feature to be able to write your  name on the back
  • added bonus of the hook and adjustable hanger


  • Pricey
  • would have been nice to have a way to either erase the name on the back if you want to trade them or maybe have a removable tape that could be used to write on.