Scanimalz Pets Toy and App Review

Lately, my 4 year old son has been asking for a pet – specifically a dog. When I asked why he wanted one, he said that he would like to cuddle and play with it. Realizing that walking, feeding, and most importantly, cleaning up after the dog would be left to me, I was anxious to find another alternative! I was thrilled by the opportunity to review a Scanimalz Purple Bear, because it met both of my sons “pet requirements.”

Scanimalz Pets Toy and App Review

It is cuddly and it even one upped his request, and allowed him to play games with it on my phone (honestly – do all children request to play with their parent”s phones 50 times a day, or is it just mine?!).

Scanimals Toy Review

Disclosure: I received a Scanimalz character to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

We received the Scanimalz Purple Bear, one of just 30 of the possible characters. We immediately downloaded casino pa natet the free Scanimalz app on my Android phone, scanned the QR code from our Purple Bear, and got to work playing games!

Scanimals App Review

My son has been scanning the Scanimalz belly on a daily basis, has been playing various games, and his favorite part…tracking “Scantz” points. I find that he really enjoys the games on my phone, because he can relate to it. He has started asking for a friend for his Purple Bear – and at the $9.99 price point, I think that a buddy will definitely be entering our house soon! He will then have the option of which character will play the various games. He is debating between Barkcode the Dog and Scanana Split the Monkey – aren”t they adorable??

Scanimalz Review

Watch how they work in this quick video.

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The Scanimalz characters can be purchased on the Scanimalz website, as well as at specialty retail shops including Learning Express Stores, Aahs, and Puzzle Zoos. They will soon be available at Toys R Us, and other retailers nationwide.