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Kaleidoscopes To You sent us one of their popular Teleidoscopes to review. Although smaller than we thought, this teleidoscope is beautifully made out of padauk wood that has a layer of lacquer added to highlight the beauty of the exotic wood. Padauk wood is known for its toughness and decorativeness, typically a reddish wood, but fades to a brownish color over time.

Teleidoscope made with padauk wood

You can tell they use superior materials to make their teleidoscopes as soon as you look through the viewfinder. The clear marble on the other end is what creates all of the illusions. All of their teleidoscopes are crafted by NJ Enterprises.

Teleidoscope made with padauk wood

The teleidoscope, a cousin to the typical kaleidoscope, has a clear marble at the end so it creates a kaleidoscope view of wherever you are looking. Unlike a kaleidoscope, a teleidoscope is not locked into a set color palate.

Here is my attempt to take a photo of the view you see inside of the Teleidoscope. The images are so much more vivid and beautiful than what I was able to capture.

Teleidoscope shapes

This teleidoscope came with a wood base where the teleidoscope can be placed when not in use.  This Kaleidoscope measures 5-1/4 inches long and is approx 1-1/8 inches in diameter. It stands approx 2-1/8 inches tall on base. The base size is 3-1/2 inches long by 1 inch tall.

Teleidoscope reviews

Each Teleidoscope comes in a storage box with two black fabric sleeves for protection and storage.

Teleidoscope reviews

There are unlimited visual effects offered by the teleidoscope, so let your own imagination ran wild and look at everything through it. All things can come into focus through the lens. There are thousands of beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns that can be formed by simply pointing our teleidoscope at anything.  I was amazed at the different patterns I saw depending upon what I was looking at.  Not only was it fun to look at the patterns, the teleidoscope was so beautifully made that it would be a great show piece sitting in a glass cabinet.

A teleidoscope is timeless, interactive toy that kids and adults love to play with, and can be passed down generation to generation. A teleidoscope would make a great gift and also a nice collector’s item and you can buy a teledoscope online from Kaleidoscopes To You

To take a look inside of the Teleidoscope, just watch this video

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Disclosure: Kaleidoscopes To You sent us this teleidoscope to review. All opinions are our own