The Tuneables Educational Music DVD Set Review

The Tuneables Educational Music DVD Review

Teaching the basics of music to children is important. The Tuneables CD/DVD set they will learn all about notes, beats, rhythm, and be introduced to classical music and instruments like the violin, clarinet, snare drum, cymbal, horn and piano to children ages 3 to 8. As children get older they are introduced to all kinds of music but often classical music is left out because it feels old, dull, and boring. The Tuneables DVD set changes all of that.

The DVD is a lot of fun. It is colorful and the music is fantastic. The main characters, Annie and Max, visit a music shop and are whisked away to Tuneville where they meet the characters – Mo, Gloria, Clara, Pete, Snare, and Sunny. The DVD is interactive and kids get to sing along and dance, march, clap, and move with the beat of the music.

The Tuneables teaches the “ABCs” of music learning to children in a fun and engaging way.

This focuses of The Tuneables is on four elements:

  • Tonal & Rhythm Patterns in Music
  • The Singing Voice
  • A Basic Repertoire of Music
  • Listening Skills

When you get to the main screen you can click Play and it will start at the beginning where the children visit the music shop and are introduced to the characters. Pick a Chapter to go from one section to another or click on individual Songs to skip around. Once your child goes through the entire storyline they will most likely have their favorites and want to jump right to it on the Songlist.

While the characters are singing they are also instructing the children to participate and occasionally real children join in so your child will feel like they are a part of a group. I really liked how they integrated animated characters with real children.

The Tuneables Music Education DVD

The companion has some of the music that is on the DVD but not all of the songs. It seems to have a little more classical music on it but it is a great companion CD that kids can take in the car and sing along or listen to. Because some of the songs are different they are getting even more to enjoy. All of the songs on the CD and DVD are original and a beautifully orchestrated. The quality is superb.

The Tuneables Tuneville

Visit to joint The Tunies Club. On the Tuneables website kids can also be introduced to each character and print out a coloring page for each character.

If you have time and want to use the set to teach your child about music or you are homeschooling your children you can integrate the curriculum components including:

  • Moving to the beat (rhythm)
  • Learning two tonal patterns
  • Developing voice controls
  • Introducing tonal patterns within everyday sounds (raindrops)

Another goal of The Tuneables is to get kids to “hear it, do it, and name it”

music excellence projectI was really impressed with this set and think kids ages 3 to 8 will really enjoy it and learn a lot. I still remember when I was in 5th grade and an orchestra came to our school and taught us to listen to the different instruments within the musical piece and showed us how those instruments actually told a story. They painted a picture in my mind that has stayed with me all of these years. I think music is so important for children, for personal expression, enjoyment, and it nurtures our soul to lift our spirits. I was immediately impressed when I watched the Tuneables DVD and the music was a joy to listen to.

The Tuneables DVD/CD set is available for $29.99. The DVD is available alone for $19.99 and the Music Box CD is available for $14.99

The Tuneables is sponsored by the Music Intelligence Project

Check out one of the fun songs on the DVD.

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Disclosure: I am reviewing the The Tuneables DVD Set for Child’s Play/Team Mom. All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this review.