Toy Review: Aerobie Pro Sprint Flying Ring

If your kids like playing with a frisbee they will love the Aerobie Sprint Flying Ring because they can grab it easier than a frisbee and it is a lot of fun.

When the weather is warm kids should get outside and play and the Aerobie is a fun yard game. I also think you should pack one in the car for beach trips and when you go on vacation. We always took a bag of yard toys for the kids to play with when we went on vacation because there are times even when you are at a hotel that they have nothing to do and the Aerobie would be perfect because they can play it in the parking lot of the hotel, at grandma’s house, or at the beach or park.

It is super lightweight and is so flat that it soars through the air. Because there is nothing in the center you can catch it with your arm. Watch out for those tree limbs though because we got it stuck once.

The Aerobie Sprint flying ring is available at all major sporting-goods stores and online at

and costs around $8.00 (cheaper online) Look for the bright color and also for those other toys like the Aerobie Squidgie ball, Aerobie Orbiter, Aerobie discs, or Aerobie footballs.

review of the aerobie sprint flying ring


I had the neighbor kids come over and give it a whirl. They had a ball playing in the yard with the Aerobie. Reminded me of the days when my kids were growing up and I would be out there yelling for them to “stop hitting the house” and “get off of that tree limb”.

The more space you have to play the better because this sucker can fly and fly far. Because of the aerodynamic design, see above, it is super flat and they say you can throw it as far as a full football field, about 1,300 feet. Of course, you don’t need that much space because the kids were able to play with it in my yard and it’s not that big. The flatter you hold it the further it will go. You can also shape it because it is flexible, to¬† change the flight patterns.

It’s a great toy that kids, and adults, will enjoy playing with this Summer.

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This post was written for Family Review Network & Aerobie Sprint who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.