Win with the Old Navy Snappy App!

Do you have an Android, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone? Well rush on over to the App store on your device and install the Old Navy app for Free! Why you say? Just to do some shopping maybe? Nope! You can win prizes like boots, jeans, socks, and even discount coupons to save on your next Old Navy purchase.

Check out the Old Navy Snappy App in the iTune store online.

The Old Navy app is called the Snappy App. Once you install it you need to “snap” a picture of the Old Navy logo to activate the spinner. Once the app recognizes the Old Navy logo it will spin the wheel and you will find out what you won.

Old Navy Snappy App

If you like what you won you can save it for later or discard it. You can play as much as you want and it seems you can keep winning over and over.

Try it! Once you have the Old Navy Snappy App installed come back here and use one of these Old Navy logos to “snap” a picture and play to win! You can keep using these logos to play because they don’t have to be different each time.

old navy logo

old navy logo