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10 Kids Summer Camping Essentials

Here are 10 summer camp essentials to send your kids to camp with. Kids 8 years and older will probably be the best age to pack some of these items. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to use them alone ... Continue Reading . . .

Connecticut Kids: Niantic’s Hole in the Wall Beach

A visit to Hole in the Wall Beach in Niantic, Connecticut guarantees one thing – a great view of the Long Island Sound and the trains taking people from New York City to Boston. Kids will love being ... Continue Reading . . .

16 Ways to Enjoy a Hammock Indoors

Sweeties Kidz love to play outside when the weather is nice but when winter comes around and the kids are forced inside, it’s time to bring the fun inside. We absolutely love hammocking – there’s ... Continue Reading . . .

Canning Cranberry Conserve Step-by-Step with Pictures

Since Spring is in the air, lots of people (including me!) are gearing up to plant our yearly gardens. Our family recently moved to a home with a much larger yard than we’ve ever had, so obviously we ... Continue Reading . . .

What is the Shelf Life of Your Cosmetics?

It’s Spring and there is no better time for some cleaning of your cosmetics. Cosmetics, both skin care and makeup aren't meant to grow old with you. "Products are developed to last a year or two," ... Continue Reading . . .

Easy Double Chocolate Glazed Cake Donuts

Making cake donuts is as easy as making brownies or cupcakes. We start with a batter and put them in donut pans and then bake in the oven. These aren't traditional deep-dried donuts so they will have ... Continue Reading . . .

Quick and Easy Summer Craft Projects

Here are some quick and easy craft projects you can make with your kids this Summer using ordinary household items. How to Make Pinwheels Pinwheels are a lot of fun. When the wind blows, the ... Continue Reading . . .

How to Make A Rejuvenating Foot Bath with Essential Oils

When your feet at tired and aching it's not enough to put them up, sometimes you need a rejuvenating foot bath. Here's how you can make your own with essential oils and carrier oils like sweet almond ... Continue Reading . . .