Review of Lee Jeans Slender Secret Stretch Bootcut Jeans

This is a review of the Lee Jeans Slender Secret Stretch Bootcut Jeans. This was a personal purchase and no one sent it to me for review and I was not paid for my opinion.

review of lees slender bootcut jeansJeans can be your favorite things to wear or your worst nightmare. When you try them on at the store they might fit but then days later they stretch and become loss. Or, you get that dreaded pouch on the back at the base of your spine and they don’t fit to your body and stick out. I am fairly tall, measuring 5’8″ and I have a 34″ inseam so it is hard to find jeans that are long enough. I weight around 140 lbs and wear a size 10 making me right in the Misses range of sizes. It seems that many of the long jeans and pants are for sizes 12 and higher.

I tried a pair of Lee Jeans Slender Bootcut jeans on and I like them. The tag reads Ultra stretch and says the fabric retains its shape all day.

Lee Slender Secret Stretch Jeans are available at JCPenney, Macys, and Kohls as well as through and  also on They come in Petite and Plus sizes as well.

Many times my jeans end up shrinking so that is another reason why it can be hard to try a pair on and then still like them days later.

Another problem with jeans is if you wear them for 2 or 3 days they can often become loose and lose their shape. I found these Lee jeans held their shape nicely.

One the first try I found that these Lee Jeans fit perfectly. Over the years I have gained a little weight and now I like them lower in the waist. I don’t have a pot belly but I’m not 20-years-old either and I refuse to where “mom jeans” that come up to your waistline. I like the fact that the legs aren’t super tight. When you get jeans like this with some spandex in the fabric they often grab so tightly to your leg that when you move they scrunch up. I hate that. I might have a couple of extra pounds on me but I don’t want it to show. No matter what you shape we all need to camouflage our flaws with well-fitting clothes. And, I love wearing jeans.

After the first washing of these Lee Slender Secret Bootcut Stretch jeans they have still held their shape. Many jeans lose their shape and look worn so you can only wear them once. It must be the fabric they are using because I have other jeans that have spandex in the fabric and they don’t hold their shape like these. I am super happy with my Lee jeans and now they are my favorite pair.


  • Stretch fabric has just enough give but doesn’t cling tight to your legs
  • legs are wider
  • sits lowers on your hips
  • holds it shape after several days of wear


  • The flaps on the pockets on the back can make your butt look bigger

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