Review of the JAWS (Just Add Water System) Cleaning System

JAWS, which stands for Just Add Water System, is an cleaning system that keeps the environment in mind. The JAWS system is a bottle and a cartridge you insert into the bottle to make the cleaner. You can purchase a bottle that comes with 2 cartridges or you can use an empty sprayer bottle you have a home and buy just the 2-pack of cartridges. The system is designed so you reuse the same bottle over and over.

jaws just add water household cleaners review

Here is how the JAWS cleaning system works:

  1. Add water to the empty bottle up to the fill line
  2. Insert a cartridge into the neck of the bottle (lip side up)
  3. Screw the sprayer onto the bottle through the cartridge and watch as the cleaner is created.
  4. You may need to shake the bottle slightly to get the cleaner completely mixed.

The JAWS cleaning system has been designed to use 70% less packaging material, leave 59% less packaging waste, require 59% less energy to transport, reduce water pollutants by 85%, and greenhouse gas emissions by 60%.

You can purchase JAWS Cleaning products directly from the JAWS website and at some retails stores, although it is not widely available at big box stores as of this writing.  They have a list of retail stores on their website that carry JAWS products.

Two cleaning cartridges plus a reusable spray bottle cost between $4.89 and $5.69.  A 2-pack of cartridge refills cost between $3.69 and $4.79, depending on the type of cleaner you want.  A starter kit that contains 4 bottles and 4 sets of cartridges (one of each type of cleaner) costs $19.99.

The JAWS cleaning system was easy to use. I just filled an empty bottle with water up to the indicator line, popped a cartridge into the top, put the sprayer on, shook slightly and began to clean. I found that the two cleaners I tested – the window/glass cleaner and all-purpose degreaser, cleaner worked as good as other comparable cleaners on the market.

jaws just add water system review

The four types of cleaners available with the JAWS Cleaning System are:

  • Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
  • Disinfecting Cleaner
  • Bathroom Cleaner/Degreaser

I found the JAWS Cleaning System easy to use and effective in cleaning and a good alternative to buying a product that is already filled with water, to cut down on waste by reusing the bottles over and over.

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  • Easy to use
  • Cuts down on packaging waste
  • Cleaners are effective
  • Affordable


  • Not readily available in major retail stores


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  1. I must be using a different product to the editor as I found its cleaning ability to be very poor. I purchased the Bathroom Cleaner/Degreaser to clean our bath. It’s ability to cut through soap films, grease and mineral deposits was virtually non-existent.
    I would not recommend this product.

  2. The manufacturer of “Jaws” can claim it to be clean and green but if it doesn’t work effectively then the consumer is being ripped off.

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