Review of the Petmate Petbarn III Dog House

This is a review of the Petmate Petbarn III and the Pet Select K-9 Sleepers Crate pads. These were personal purchases and no one sent them to us for review and we were not paid for our opinion.

We have cats in our house and no dogs so we bought out Petmate Petbarn for our outside cats. They have to stay outside because even though they are fixed they spray the house to mark their territory. I always feel bad leaving the outside in the frigid cold New England weather and since we get a lot of snow they have nowhere to go so I thought maybe a dog house would be the solution. Who said dog houses have to be just for dogs anyhow.

During the Summer we bought a large plastic dog house and the cats would go in there to get out of the rain. As the weather has gotten colder we found that both cats were using it more and more and fighting over it to see who would get to use it first. If one was in it the other wouldn’t dare go near so we decided to get another one. Since the dog house we purchased was so large we looked around for a smaller option.

We found what we were looking for at Walmart, the Petmate Petbarn III X-Small. It cost $41 and shipping was free to the store and was delivered to the store in less than a week. You can buy it online in various sizes at

The X-small size Petmate Pet Barn III is the perfect size for cats or small dogs. It measures 26.5″ long x 18″ wide x 16.5″ high.

It is definitely the perfect size for outdoor cats and smaller dogs. You only buy it online from Walmart as they don’t have it in their stores. It is very sturdy and has thick walls. It is not insulated though.

review of the Petmate Petbarn III small

We also bought Pet Select K-9 Sleepers Crate pads to put inside of each of our “dog” houses, both this new Petmate and the large dog house we purchased in the Summer. You can buy a Petmate pad that is made for the Petmate Petbarn III but I would suggest this pad instead because it is made well, washable, thick, has raised walls, and is cheap. The raised walls of the pad allows the cats, or dogs, to snuggle down inside of the cushy padding to help them stay warmer.

These Pet Select pads look like they are made out of sheepskin but are actually made of 100% acrylic fleece with a poly/cotton backing and is completely washable. I got two, one for each house. I figure it is much better than the blankets I was using because they are thicker and have side walls so the cats can be protected from wind. And, I can put them in the dryer if those sad eyes come at me again to warm them up a bit. I got the 25″ x 20 size and once we got them home we found this size fits perfectly in the x-small Petmate Petbarn III. The cost for the pads were around $17 each.

review of the Pet Select K-9 Sleepers Crate pads

We just had a big snowstorm and the cats are loving both of the houses. We are going to buy another Petmate Petbarn so each of the outdoor cats will have one that fits them better. The smaller house is definitely much better for cats.

review of the Petmate Petbarn III

I also like how the overhang over the open doorway is pointed down so water or snow will run off as it melts and doesn’t get inside. The overhang, or elongate door entry, sticks out just enough to give the inside of the house good coverage from the elements.

If you have more than one cat you should get one x-small Petmate Petbarn III for each cat because cats don’t like to share and one will not be able to get in. Each Petbarn fits a cat or dog weighing 10 lbs or more

We are very pleased with our purchase because it protects our kitties and the Petmate Petbarn III is made of quality material and will last a long time.


  • Well-made
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Affordable
  • Doorway overhang keeps rain and snow out


  • None

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  1. Terri K (@tkharmonic) says:

    The doorway seems a bit large to me. I’m trying to read the sticker, says there is a door you can purchase for it? I’d want a flap or something to keep the wind out.

    • Yes, there is a plastic doorway you can purchase for it with a slit in the center. I am not sure a cat would push their way through the doorway though. A dog definitely would. I believe they sell them on the site as well.

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