Sketchers XF Accelerators Shape-Ups Review

You have probably heard a lot about Sketchers Shape-Ups and wondered if they really work and if they are comfortable. I received a pair at the end of last year as a gift and I have been testing them out ever since. I received the Sketchers XP Accelerators in Blue and Silver.

I think the feature I like the most is the rocking motion. It seems like you can get a faster walk going with it and it does help to work certain muscles in your legs and butt area. The arch support is good and makes your feet feel supported.

The Sketchers Shape-Ups tennis shoes will actually do nothing unless you use them correctly. They are designed for you to use that rocking motion to make them work those certain areas.

If you are tall, which I am (5′ 8″) you will feel like you are towering over people because I’d say it brings you up another 1-1/2″ to 2″. If you are shorter you may like the additional height you get from wearing the Sketchers. Some people I have talked to think they are clunky but I did not find them to be like that. They felt like wearing ordinary tennis shoes with just the added rocking motion. The height was similar to other tennis shoes I have, maybe just a 1/2″ higher when I had them on.

I did find that if I wear them continuously that they make my toes hurt after about an hour. I never had a problem with them rubbing though.

The shoes themselves are made well and will last for a long time. On the other hand, they can be pricey ranging from $49.95 to around $100. They come with two sets of laces, for mine, white and blue. I thought that was nice because I did find I preferred the blue ones after I saw the white ones on them. In the box you also get a booklet to teach you how to use the Sketchers properly to get the most of out of them and also a CD so you can watch how to use them from videos.

review-of-sketchers xp accelerators

Bottom line is, do they work. For me, so far I would have to say not so much. I am not wearing them religiously though everyday so I cannot tell you if they really do the job of firming up your legs and buttock. If you were to wear them daily or everytime you do your workout you could see results but like any workout it takes time to see results.

If I did not receive the Sketchers as a gift I think I would not pay that much and would buy a more generic brand since I do not have complete proof that they will work for me.

The Sketchers XF Accelerators range in price from $49.95 to $109, depending on the style, color, and size you get and they are available at and online as well as many popular department and specialty stores.

In the video I show you the rocking motion. I am walking very slowly in the video so you can see it so you will have to take in account that they will work differently if you are walking faster or running.

[iframe: title=”YouTube video player” width=”480″ height=”390″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


  • Made well
  • Comfortable
  • Rocking motion is pleasing


  • Pricey if you do not like to pay from $50 to $100 for tennis shoes. Otherwise, that price is in line with many other tennis shoe brands
  • From my limited experience I could not prove that they work although some people swear by them

Disclaimer: The Sketchers Shape-Ups were a personal gift and we did not receive them from the company and were not compensated for this review.

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