15 Questions Kids Want to Ask Santa on Christmas Eve

To a child, Santa is their best friend, someone they wholeheartedly believe in and if they could they would sit on his lap and have a long talk with him. If they could, these are the questions they would ask him.

How do you believe Santa gets into the house?

Why do you believe Santa’s belly is so big?

Questions Kids Want to Ask Santa

How do you know where all the good girls and boys live?

Do your elves build snowmen?

Do you eat lots of cookies all year?

Are your ears pointy?

What are you favorite type of cookies?

Do you like cookies, milk and peanuts?

Letters to Santa

How big is your workshop?

Do your elves have names?

Do you use magic to make the toys?

Do you and your elves get presents too?

Do your elves go to Elf School?

Did Mrs Claus make your suit?

Is Rudolph really real?