Easy Clothespin Nativity Christmas Tree Ornament

For today’s Advent calendar activity we made Clothespin Nativity Christmas Tree Ornaments. These are so easy and cheap to make. It literally just took minutes to make and the kids helped with each of the ornaments.

Easy Clothespin Nativity Christmas Tree Ornaments

Supplies Needed to Make One Nativity Ornament:

Supplies Needed for Nativity Clothespin Ornament

Nativity Scene Ornament Instructions:

1. Paint each of the stars with gold paint and let dry.

2. Draw the faces on the clothespins with the black marker.

3. Hot glue two long clothespins onto the gold star.

4. Cut beige felt into round shapes and wrap around the baby and hot glue to keep it closed.

5. Hot glue the baby clothespin on top of the two long clothespins.

6. Hot glue raffia/crinkled paper to the bottom to create the hay.

TIP: If you don’t have raffia you can take a brown grocery bag or something similar and cut thin strips, about 1/4″ wide, to make strips of paper to use for the hay.

7. Hot glue the string or ribbon to the back of the star.

Voila! A perfect Nativity Scene ornament to place on the Christmas Tree!