Toys to Keep Kids Busy During the Christmas Break

Once the presents have been opened and you hear “I’m bored” pull out these toys to keep them busy and happy.

LiteBrix by Cra-Z-Art are fun building bricks that actually light up. They fit with LEGOs and other standard building bricks. You can set sets of them to build specific things like robots, motorcycles, cars, and trucks. Available at

Litebrix Motorcycle Set

Drip Drops is an interactive iPad app that let’s kids draw and create with color, animation and music, all while getting to know the Drip Drop characters. Designed for kids ages 2 to 6, Drip Drops let kids express themselves through their art. The Drip Drops ebook is available as a Free Download on iTunes and Google Play Market. The Drip Pros app is available for purchase for $2.99. Listen to Free Drip Drops music online.

Drip Drops App for kids

Singalongz are cute cuddly friends that sing along with your kids. Sing or talk into the mix and your Singalongz friend will repeat everything they hear in their own unique voice.

Singalongz Pets

Hexbugs are plastic bugs that kids can move around with a remote control (the larger ones) and the smaller ones can be played with on a race track.

Hexbugs Review


Hexbug Minis

Hexbugs track

Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles have never gone out of style. Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael, are at it again, fighting petty criminals, evil overlords, and alien invaders. My kids played with them when they were growing up and watched the original series on TV and kids today enjoy playing with them just as much.

Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles

Yummy Dough is the dough kids can make, mold, play with and eat too! It’s safe to eat raw or baked. Includes 4 colored, just-add-water dry mixes, mixing spatula, measuring tool and reusable bucket

Yummy Dough

Yummy Dough

Kids will love learning to perform Magic Tricks with Ryan Oake’s Magic Show. There are a variety of kits. The large one includes disappearing card box, traveling handkerchief, vanishing salt, cup and balls, magic paint can and many more.

Ryan Oakes Magic Show

If these toys aren’t enough, banish the phrase ā€œIā€™m bored!ā€ with these kid-friendly craft ideas designed to keep little hands occupied over their holiday break from Martha Stewart Living.