How to Make an Easy Paper Plate Cookie or Favor Boxes

If you run out of ideas for gifting a box of cookies, try making a cookie box out of paper plates. You can use cheap white paper plates or more expensive, fancy paper plates with festive designs. These fun and festive little boxes are a great way to present cookies, candy and other treats for a party or even wrap them up and give as a gift. If you use small lunch-size paper plates you can even make them up as party favor boxes. They are a super easy, super cheap, affordable party and gift giving presentation idea.

How to Make an Easy Paper Plate Cookie or Favor Boxes

Photo from Art Craft Crazy’s video

Instructions for Making Paper Plate Cookies Boxes

  1. Print out and cut out the paper plate template.
  2. Turn the plate over and lay the square part of the template on top (see below)
  3. Mark the center with a pencil.
  4. Mark the corners of the square on all four sizes.
  5. Using a ruler, mark a line from one corner to the edge of the plate.
  6. Using scissors, cut from the corner to the point where you marked the corner of the square.
  7. Using the ruler, flatten the plate down and score the paper plate from corner to corner (of the square) using the edge of your scissors
  8. Fold each flap inside and use your ruler to flatten. Continue until all 4 side are done.
  9. Open the plate back up.
  10. Fold the corners in.
  11. Glue the corners into place (or use double-back tape or glue dots to stick the corners together).
  12. If you glue your corners together, use paperclips to hold the corners into place while they dry overnight.

Donna from Art Craft Crazy Australia shows you how to make paper plate cookie boxes in her video

Supplies Needed to Make Paper Plate Cookie Boxes

Click here to download the free paper plate cookie box template. If you are looking for a larger size paper plate template just cut out a larger square. I couldn’t find the larger size template when I wrote up this article