Lull Baby to Sleep with White Noise from Whisbear

When baby comes home you aren’t prepared for the sleepless nights that follow. Many times baby won’t sleep for hours on end and you are pulling your hair out trying to figure out why. Could baby be hungry? have colic? Uncomfortable? you don’t know so you try everything you can to help baby get to sleep. When baby sleeps you can sleep! When driving around the block 400 times isn’t an option, I have a solution for you – white noise. White noise has been proven to help even the toughest adult get to sleep. It eases our minds and makes us stop thinking about what is making us stay awake. So, it would stand to reason that white noise can also help babies sleep to.

Lull Baby Sleep with White Noise from Whisbear

Whisbear is a brand new product, designed and created by Zuzia and Jula, a sister-duo, mothers of 5. It consists of a cuddly bear and a white noise device. But wait, there’s much more to this bear. Whisbear is designed to cling to things like a chair or the side of a crib but it can also be laid flat or held next to baby. Each of the paws have hidden magnets that keep the feet together that act like a clamp. Inside of the ears and paws are crinkly materials that are fun to the touch and give baby a sensor activity when he or she is awake.

White Noise Baby Sleep Whisbear

Whisbear is a cuddly toy helping parents overcome one of the biggest challenges of parenting  – lack of sleep. It is made in Europe and was created by Zuzia and Jula, a sister-duo, mothers of 5. A few times they were trying to pacify their babies with the sound of a hairdryer which led to an idea of a humming bear/sensory development toy.

White Noise Baby Sleep Whisbear

The “shushing” white noise device runs on 3 AAA battery and is removable so you could use it beside baby’s bed, in a car seat or wherever baby is sleeping. The white noise device can be placed inside of Whisbear in a pouch that has a Velcro opening in the back of the head. Just press the button to turn it on.

The shushing device emits white noise, a sound that the baby remembers from the fetal life. This easy to use device, with option of volume control, operates for 40 minutes – in this time baby should drift into the deep sleep phase. Soft Start/Soft Stop function gently turns the shushing on and off. Whisbear with CRYsensor function shushes for 40 minutes, after that time the sound gently fades out and the device switches to the standby mode. If Whisbear® recognizes cry of the awakening baby it will immediately respond with the calming sound, and after 20 minutes of additional shushing the device will re-enter its standby mode.

White Noise Baby Sleep Whisbear

White Noise Baby Sleep Whisbear

Some Whisbears also come with a nice velvet carrying bag. The bear itself is grey but Whisbear is available in a variety of paw colors.

White Noise Baby Sleep Whisbear

More about Whisbear

Zuzia, a mommy of three and the driving force behind Whisbear runs the company with her sister, Jula, a mother of 2. The sleepless nights inspired Zuzia and Jula to create Whisbear. It took a few years and Zuzia made a risky decision to use her apartment equity to take a business loan. But it was totally worth it and now thousands of parents in Europe have fallen in love with the humming bear. Finally, we are mother-enterprenuers, but our vision goes beyond business. Our mission is to support parents all over the world. We regularly donate our teddy bears to hospitals and charities in the UK, Poland, and Kenya.

If you ever follow the British family and are in love with Princess Charlotte, you may have seen this news. Princess Charlotte was gifted with Whisbear “toy of the year” – Daily Mail

Now your princess – or prince – can own a Whisbear because they are available in the United States through a variety of sites including and

Whisbear UK Prince Charlotte