How to Make Chocolate Easter Eggs

Centuries ago, eggs were given as gifts to mark the season of the equinox in ancient Egypt. This egg gift-giving tradition is later used by the Christians to represent Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, a symbol of rebirth and new life. This tradition evolved in France and Germany in the 1800s, as people started to exchange chocolate eggs.

Easter chocolate eggs are everybody’s favorite treat during the Lenten season. Did you know that rather than spending tons of money purchasing chocolate eggs, you can make and decorate your own Easter chocolate egg are home?

How to Make Chocolate Eggs

Supplies Needed:

For a hollow chocolate egg, you need to use a plastic egg mold

. These plastic molds are fairly cheap and come in a variety of sizes. You will also need a double boiler.

how to make chocolate Easter Eggs

Want to give it a surprising twist? Put on a handful of sweets or small toys inside the egg shells before you join the two egg shell halves together. Want to make it colorful? Melt white chocolate and mix a little food coloring.

party favor toys for easter chocolate eggs and basket

Step One:

Melt a large block of chocolate slowly over low heat in a double boiler. Melting it on a regular saucepan or melting it too quickly will cause the chocolate to burn or develop an unpleasant texture, making it very difficult to work with and spoil the taste.

For kitchens without a double boiler, you can do the slow melting by placing a few inches of water in the bottom of a large saucepan, and then place the smaller saucepan (containing the chocolate) inside. Don’t cover the saucepan. Heat and simmer the smaller saucepan; this will melt the chocolate slowly and safely, giving it a shiny and lovely texture, without spoiling the taste of the chocolate. However, you need to work faster and stir the chocolate before it starts to set.

Step Two:

Pour the melted chocolate in both halves of the mold. Cover and place the mold together as evenly as possible. Spread the chocolate evenly inside of each mold half by slightly tapping and shaking the mold halves. You can also use a spoon to smooth the chocolate around.

Step Three:

Put the chocolate-filled molds inside the fridge. Wait until the chocolate hardens completely.

Adding Candy or Smart Party Favor Toys: If you are adding candy or plastic toys to your chocolate eggs, fill the mold halves and then let them sit in the refrigerator for about 10 to 15 minutes so the chocolate is slightly cooled. Then press the candy and/or toys in the mold and continue with the process. If you are worried that the toy or candy may melt inside of the egg, use a regular plastic Easter egg and put the candy or toy inside of that and then press the plastic egg inside of your larger chocolate egg. You will have to use quite a large egg mold to do it this way.

Step Four:

Wait until the chocolate is completely cooled, about an hour. Remove the two halves of the mold gently. Brush the edges of each halves using melted chocolate, and then slightly press the two halves of egg together to make one whole egg.

Be Creative, Use Your Imagination

Make your chocolate eggs look more beautiful and attractive for the kids by decorating its shells. You can drip some white chocolate to the mold before you pour the melted chocolate. You can also use hokey-pokey variety rather than plain or milk chocolate.

chocolate egg decorating

Making chocolate Easter eggs is an amazing opportunity to be creative and use your imagination to make a lovely seasonal treats for your whole family and loved ones. The popularity of Easter chocolate recipes also makes it a lucrative business opportunity.