Kickboard Mini Scooters are Perfect for Tiny Tykes

Have you been looking for a new scooter? Take a look at Kickboard scooters. We received one to test out and were impressed, and so was our little product tester, Annie. Annie came over with her mom Emily, and within a minute we had the Scooter put together – it comes in two pieces – and she was already decorating it with the stickers that come with it.

Kickboard Mini Scooter Review

Since Annie is 3 and a little timid when it comes to trying new things, mom Emily showed her all about the scooter and how the wheels turn.

Kickboard Mini Scooter Review

Annie was ready to try out the Kickboard mini scooter and put on her helmet for safety. Kickboard includes a safety chart that you can read to your kids to help them understand what they need to do to be safe while riding their scooter.

Annie told us she liked the handlebar because of the bright orange rubber grips.

Kickboard Mini Scooter Review

One neat feature we saw when we were trying it out with Annie was that the wheels angle and turn when you move the handlebar. This makes maneuvering those tight corners much easier because the scooter goes with your body.

Having two wheels in front really helps young children learn how to ride while keeping them safe. The Kickboard scooter also has a brake on the back wheel that they can push down with their foot to stop themselves.

Kickboard Mini Scooter Review

We went in our basement and did a test ride. We happened to have a Radio Flyer “My First Scooter” on hand so Annie could figure out which one she liked best. The Radio Flyer scooter is cheaper in price – around $59.99 (the Kickboard is $84.99) – so it’s a little hard to really compare but we did notice a few differences that I want to point out. Since the Radio Flyer “My First Scooter” is designed for this age group, it was a pretty good one to compare though.

The Radio Flyer scooter is really more of a toy than a true scooter. While it has a cute look, the functionality isn’t that great. The front wheels don’t turn on their own and it doesn’t have a brake in the back.

We also noticed that quality difference too. The Kickboard Mini Scooter is definitely a true scooter, like the “big boys” ride. It is made with heavy-duty plastic, rubber, and metal, while the Radio Flyer is pretty much all “Rubbermaid-type” plastic.

If you’re looking for a true scooter that will last for awhile you will definitely want to go with the Kickboard scooter.

We asked Annie which one she liked and she kept going back to the Kickboard Mini Scooter. Who can argue with a 3 year old?

Kickboard Mini Scooter Review

Annie was a little apprehensive since she had never been on a scooter but after watching Mom demonstrate she was a happy camper and loved the Kickboard scooter. Annie is going to be a pro in no time and since the Kickboard mini scooter is designed for kids ages 3 to 5, it will last her for several years.

Kickboard Mini Scooter Review

 Disclosure: We received a Kickboard Mini Scooter to review and all opinions are from Annie, our 3-year-old tester