SnoozeShade Helps Baby Sleep Protected On The Go

I can not wait for Spring! We have been cooped up in the house since the twins were born in January and I am ready to get out and head on walks with the babies! We have a twin stroller that is ready for use and a SnoozeShade ready to protect them and give them privacy!

I don’t know about you but when I was pregnant, I didn’t want strangers coming up and touching my belly. The same goes for strangers touching the twins. Call me over protective, or a germ-a-phob, either way, if I don’t know you I don’t want your hands all over the my babies.

SnoozeShade Stroller Cover Review

The SnoozeShade Stroller Cover eliminates their chance to do so! Not only does it protect the babies from sun, wind, and more, but it also gives them privacy during walks and nap time while on the go. SnoozeShades also help protect baby from bugs, dust, and germs that you may encounter while out and about. Isn’t that great after a terrible flu season that we have all been dealing with?!

The SnoozeShade Twin is easy to attach to your stroller. It includes 3 velcro strips on each side the you attach to the top, side, and bottom of the stroller frame. The material of the shade itself is stretchy and breathable so it is easy to work with it. There are two modes that the SnoozeShade can be used in.Full Sleep Mode: Covers the front of the stroller completely, providing UPF50+ protection and shielding from mosquitoes and other insects.

Sun Canopy Extender Mode: Extends the front of the stroller canopy to give extra shade and reduce glare in your child’s eyes.

SnoozeShade Stroller Cover Review

For many parents, keeping up sleep patterns and habits is essential for little ones. The SnoozeShade is great for keeping those going while away from home. It blocks over 97% of UV light, and provides wind block so the little ones are disturbed! There are two zippers on the SnoozeShade Twin so you can peek in at your kiddos to check on them or give them a little light if you want to.

We got out the stroller and pushed the babies around the house while we were trying out our SnoozeShade Twin. When we took it off the stroller we found one very happy camper inside – her brother, not so much but they do have very different personalities and I think he was disappointed that we were still in the house.

When the SnoozeShade is not in use, it stores nicely in the mesh bag that is included so you can keep it safe and handy for the next use.

SnoozeShades are available for infant carriers, strollers, and playards and is an Award Winning Shade for all seasons! You can check out the videos on Youtube to learn more about SnoozeShade and how it attaches to all the different products. You can purchase a SnoozeShade at various retailers across the country as well as online at Amazon, Magic Beans, The Pump Station, and Smart Momma with prices starting at $29.99.

Disclosure: I was provided with a SnoozeShade for my review and any opinions are 100% my own.